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Synthesis of harmonic visual constructions in SVG format based on the "harmony" formalism developed by us with using a special techniques from areas related to viral and genetic programming. We also developed an exclusive toolkit for edit and animate SVG-images (incl. 3d-format work) . We think that a modern drawing system should help users to create, instead of linking into a jungle of description and documentation. A lot of new pictures available on gekibana's Facebook page.


This project was developed for our own use (communication) but we provide it for everyone. The convenience of communication is not only in audio and video but also movie share, screen share, drawing on the shared screen and contex comments share. In our opinion, all modern websites should use WebRTC technology for their services such as communication with customer, communication inside enterprise and others.

Dynamic Blackboard

Dynamic Blackboard is webinar room based on WebRTC with a whiteboard. The virtual whiteboard for webinars is an example of visual information object management technology (based on dynamic labels).


Implementation of idea of effective management in systems of cooperative work with documents on the basis of contextual commenting and self-moderation.
On-line: will coming soon
Technologies: NodeJS, JS, know-how modules